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    Our Services Include:

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    • Custom Garages
    • Garage with loft
    • Detached Garages
    • 1-2 Car Garages
    • 3 + Car Garages

    Are you looking for high quality construction services near you? Are you a homeowner in need of a new garage addition or free standing garage? Our experts specialize in garage construction near the New Hampshire seacoast, and we want to build you your dream garage. Our garage builder services and capabilities are unmatched, so look no further than our Seacoast Garage Builder company for your next garage-related project no matter the size, scale, or vision.

    2 door garage with a loft above it

    Garage Builder Rye NH

    We service Rye NH as well as Hampton and North Hampton for Garage Builder Services.Don’t look any further for construction services in your area or in the great state of New Hampshire. Make us your go-to garage builder. We are ready to provide our expert construction services to make sure you get the amazing garage you want and need for your home. 

    We guarantee the highest quality services, from frame to finish. When it comes to something as important as a garage addition or renovation, don’t settle! As expert garage builders, we know the ways in which a garage can add value and be the most useful space in your home. Whether its a multi-car garage or a brand-new workspace, we are prepared to tailor our designs and capabilities to your needs. There’s no piece of a home that elevates the value and utility like a brand new or renovated garage. Call us for a free quote today!

    Types of Garages we Build

    detached 1 door garage builder Portsmouth nh

    Detached garage can be a useful space for so many different things besides parking a car, from storage to escape from the house to an in-law apartment space.

    3 car garage builder rye nh

    We build custom garages that will fit any of our clients needs. Large garages, loft space above the garage and so much more.

    garage addition builder rye nh

    Adding usable garage space to your house will increase its value, but also it adds storage space and a safe place for your car.

    Garage Addition Portsmouth NH

    2 car garage addition contractor rye nh

    Thinking about adding a new garage to your home? It’s time to stop thinking, and start getting it done. There’s absolutely nothing better than being able to pull your car into your brand new garage. Avoid shoveling snow off your car in the brutal winter months. Stay dry on a rainy day by easily bringing your groceries in through your brand new garage door. Your garage will also provide a spacious area to store all equipment and belongings. Need space where you can get projects done? Your garage will be a cool, large area for every DIY and household improvement. Be sure to protect your cars and belongings from the elements. Your garage will be a game changer, and we want to be the builders who create it for you. Call us for a free quote today!

    Our question for you... What can we build for you? We want to help make your dream garage that will be the perfect addition to your home become a reality. We specialize in 1, 2, and even 3 car garages that can be specialized to your needs and wants. We are able to make detached garages that will sit beautifully on your property and match any design inspirations you have. We can even build a garage for you as an addition to your existing home and handle the renovation to give you the perfect garage space you have always needed. Looking to make use of the potential extra space a garage can give? Let us build you a beautiful loft in your brand new garage or above the garage you want. The variety in options we can build for you are unique to our expert services, and we take pride in being capable of so many specialized creations. 

    Our top-notch services are based in the eastern seacoast area of New Hampshire. We provide our services in communities including Portsmouth, Hampton, New Castle, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton, Seabrook, Kensington, Exeter, Acorn Acres, Stratham, Newfields, East Kingston, Kingston, Newton, Newmarket, Durham, Dover, Madbury. As a local business, we take pride in being the premier garage builders for people in the great state of New Hampshire. 

    New Garage Construction Services

    Not only can we create superior designs and services for the construction of your new garage, but our process puts our customers first. We go through a unique four-step process to make sure our customers get the absolute best product and are satisfied every time. At the very heart of this process is our commitment to communication with our clients and our dedication to fulfilling the goals and visions of our clients.

    garage framing Portsmouth nh

    Our Process

    Step one is the consultation phase. We make it a priority to meet with every one of our clients to get a big picture of the needs and wants of our customers. We discuss our goals, vision, and budget expectations to make sure we are on the same page and can work towards the best finished product. 

    Step two features more detailed planning. We discuss with our clients exactly what they envision the design of their new garage to be and any details that are important to them. We draw up plans and create a detailed schedule and budget that matches the scope of the work you desire, and lock in the feasibility of the plans. 

    Step three is the actual construction of the garage or garage addition to your home. We transition from planning to project management and execution of the scheduled building. We have a thorough communication system with all of our clients so you will always be kept in the loop about the timing, budget, and details of your garage construction. In this phase, we also focus on the quality control of the garage construction. Quality control requires immense attention to detail that we are superior at providing. 

    And lastly, step four is the completion of the project. Because we care about giving you the best product, we use this phase to focus on final touches and finishing projects to make the new garage ready and perfect as soon as we finish our job. In this phase we get to show our clients the final product and see the happy look on their faces every time. If this seems like a process that works for you and your garage building plans, call us for a free quote today! We can’t wait to hear from you. ​

    Client Testimonials

    "We lived in our house for 10 years now, and I have always wanted to have a warm garage to park my car in, especially in the winter. We have got the best service and a very fast turn around with our garage addition. Very professional and great service."

    Kate Z.

    " Great service! They were very quick to get back to me with a quote. High quality work. My garage looks like it was an original part of the house and not an addition. I would recommend them for sure!"

    Jack W.

    "My husband wanted to build a 3 car detached garage. We chose Trio Construction and it was the best choice ever. They helped us design the best possible version of the garage. Now we have am amazing big garage with a loft above it and a lot of space for storage."

    Peter B.

    Why Choose Us

    Why choose our garage contractor services when there are so many builders in New England? The answer is simple. We are the premier garage construction service in the state of New Hampshire and we proudly serve the seacoast region of the state. As a local business, we take pride in servicing the people in these great communities: Portsmouth, Hampton, New Castle, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton, Seabrook, Kensington, Exeter, Acorn Acres, Stratham, Newfields, East Kingston, Kingston, Newton, Newmarket, Durham, Dover, Madbury.

    Your Local Garage Contractors, Eastern NH

    We love servicing these communities with the highest quality construction and garage building experts. From garage additions to garage renovations to detached garages and even lofts, we are the garage building services to call. Our team is dedicated to creating unique, custom designs for our clients and making sure that we get every last detail right. We are dedicated to using our four step process to keep our clients happy, keep our projects on track, and make sure we build the garage of your dreams.

    When choosing garage construction services, the quality of the process, materials, and the capabilities of the team are crucial in having a successful end result. Choose our expert garage construction services to give you this and more. Not only can we design beautiful garages to match your vision, but we are capable of everything from garage renovations to garage additions on existing homes to free standing garages. Don’t settle for a sub par construction team when you can call us, the experts at Trio Construction. Call us for a free quote today and we can start the process to get you the garage of your dreams. 

    Quality Work, Exceptional Value

    Our promise to you is the absolute highest standard of construction. We always guarantee our clients the highest quality of materials and builders on every project. This guarantee promises the best client experience and the best outcome. Unlike other construction services, we focus on communication as a fundamental part of the building process. We will keep you updated every step of the way when it comes to our construction of your new garage. It is crucial to maintain this communication flow in order to promise our clients the garage construction will be on time, on budget, and finished impeccably. In addition to this, we are constantly improving. We pride ourselves in seeking ways to better our process and projects. Don’t choose builders who will cut corners on your project, we are ready to get the job done right. 

    We want to build a strong connection between our team and our clients. By involving our clients in our detailed, four-step process, we create long-lasting, beautiful garage designs without cutting corners. No matter the size, scale, or vision, our experts are well-equipped to complete your new garage or addition. You can trust our team of experts to choose the best materials and tools every time, to ensure the longevity of your project and make your new garage a piece of your home you are proud of. Call our NH contractors for your garage addition today! Get a free quote just by picking up the phone. ​​​